Fultium Daily D3

Focused on pharmacists

We have made Fultium Daily D3 available only through pharmacists.

This is because we believe the role that vitamin D has in bone health is not well understood, and pharmacists can offer the ideal source of advice and support for customers and their families.

Find out more and access the NPA accredited learning module below.

Graham Phillips talks about the importance of vitamin D and the opportunity for pharmacists.

Lead the bone health conversation

We believe that vitamin D insufficiency is a serious health concern that affects the entire UK population – which is why the government has issued clear advice on recommended intakes for everyone.

Pharmacists can have a critical role to play in helping people become better informed on bone health. By encouraging your customers to talk to you, you can lead the bone health conversation and help to educate them on the importance of healthy bones and the role of vitamin D in helping them protect growing bones and aging bones for life.

Our training and support will help you with:


Making customers aware of the new guidelines


Helping customers understand the importance of vitamin D


Giving customers factual and clinically based information


Recommending a high quality product that meets customers’ needs

Accredited pharmacy training

We have created an independent NPA accredited learning module in partnership with Pharmacy Magazine and Training Matters.

Our goal - to give pharmacy teams in-depth guidance on the subject of vitamin D and bone health.

To access the learning module, click on the button below.

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Official advice on bone health and vitamin D

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